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Drone Designer Application Crash : Microsoft Windows 10

Issue :

After installation of Drone Designer on Windows 10 OS , if it crashes on initialization , make sure below check points are taken into consideration :

Resolution :

- Run bcdedit on command prompt  in admin mode

- In the command line parameters after executing the above command make sure that DEP( Data Execution Prevention ) NX is always OFF .

If its not off , then we need to run the following command to turn it off .

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff 

However while executing the above command , there may be an error prompting 

"The value is protected by secure boot policy and cannot be modified or deleted" . 

To overcome this error disable secure boot policy from BIOS and re-run the above command to turn off NX .

Launch Drone Designer again , it should be fine .

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